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Welcome to eGolfGadgets. Only the Best Golf Gadgets!

Thanks for visiting us at eGolfGadgets. My goal in running this site is to give you one place to visit to find the best in:

  • Cool golf stuff
  • Golf gimmicks
  • Golf improvement aids
  • Golf GPS and rangefinders

In short, a one-stop shop to find the best golf accessories without running all over the internet.

Who’s behind eGolfGadgets? Me, a golfer just like you. I’m not a faceless corporate entity, I’m not a professional golfer or a PGA pro. I’m not even a single digit handicap (wish I was!). I just enjoy the game of golf. I like being out on the course and having a good time with friends and meeting new people. I’ve attended PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour events and I’ve volunteered at an LPGA event a few times.

Furthermore, I’m a technologist. I like to tinker with things and play with new gadgets. I like social media and mobile apps. So I thought, why not combine the best of both worlds? Start a site that highlights cool new golf gadgets and technology, do a little blogging, set up some social media channels to share pictures of our favorite courses and (maybe) make a little money on the side.

About the money part, I’m an affiliate marketer. The products that are listed here are sold through third parties. As I mentioned above, my goal with starting eGolfGadgets is to give you one place to go to find cool golf gear without having to page through thousands of entries on Amazon, eBay, or golf equipment sites. If you enter best golf gadgets or cool golf stuff in Google or Bing you’ll be inundated with hundreds or thousands of results. Here there is a targeted set of products that I think you’ll like, golf electronics, home goods, golf training aids and of course, golf gadgets.

If you’ve seen something you think we should highlight, drop us a note. If you have suggestions for the site, drop us a note. Want us to post a picture of your favorite course or a recent golf outing, drop us a note…see a pattern here? Just use our Contact Us page to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.

egolf gadgets
egolf gadgets

Hit’em long and straight!