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Stop, Take a Breath and Look Forward to 2019

Well, it’s that time of year isn’t it? Time to look back at the past twelve months and think about the upcoming twelve months. Ask yourself those questions like:

“Why didn’t I play more golf? Why didn’t I practice more? I really should get new golf clubs, or putter, yea a putter…”

How much golf did you get to play this year? Like everyone, I look back at the rounds I posted and I’m a bit surprised at how few rounds I did play. Not as many as I’d have liked to. But on the positive, I had more good rounds than bad. The handicap dropped a little bit, I tied my low score and I didn’t have too many blow-up rounds. Like every year, I promise myself I’ll do better this coming year.

Laguna Bintan

We Launched This Year

I launched this year. The goal in launching the site was to bring you an online affiliate marketplace with a great selection of golf training aids, electronics like golf GPS and watches, interesting golf gadgets and other golf gear. It’s been a lot of fun getting the site put together, finding great affiliates and seeing the results. We appreciate you spending time on the site. Be sure to tell your friends about us and sign up for our newsletters.

About once a month I published a new blog. I’ll try to keep up that pace this year. If you have a topic you’d like us to post on, if you’d be interested in guest blogging, or if you’d like to have a guest blogger on your site, reach out via the About Us page. If you want to take a little virtual golf trip while you’re here, check out our golf webcams.

Goals for 2019

Looking forward to 2019, here are a few of the things on our list I hope to accomplish:

  • Work a little less, play a little more (including golf)
  • Practice occasionally
  • Travel and get in a game or two while on the road
  • Blog consistently
  • Lower the handicap a little (see bullet two!)

I hope 2019 comes in with a bang and you get out on the course often this year. Life’s about having fun, spending it with people you care about and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Happy New Year from!

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Just How Many Golf Tours Are There?

Ever hear about a golf tour and wonder,  “What tour is that?” Most of us know about the PGA Tour, the Champions Tour and the LPGA. But did you now there are a number of other professional tours out there? I did a little research to find out just how many there are. This isn’t a comprehensive list, I don’t always use the formal, proper name, nor do I go into great detail on all of them. If I did this would be one of the longest blog posts you ever read! But here’s a fairly comprehensive list. If I missed any, drop me a note on the Contact Us page.

PGA Tour – The professional golf tour we all know and love today. Easily the most popular tour out there in terms of both fans and sponsor dollars. Also garners the most TV coverage on Golf Channel and the major networks.

Champions Tour – When the players many of us grew up watching began to grow older, the idea of a Seniors tour was born in 1980. You’ll find lots of familiar names out here if you’ve watched golf for any length of time. You’ll often find their events on Golf Channel.

LPGA Tour – The leading women’s tour, hosting tournaments around the world. The galleries may be smaller but but it has a more intimate feel as you walk the course at a tournament. You’ll find LPGA events televised by Golf Channel and on rare occasions by the network.

LET – The Ladies European Tour hosts 17 tournaments this year throughout Europe, Australia and India. In the US you’ll rarely get coverage of the LET unfortunately so check out their website.

European Tour – The major mens tour outside the United States. They host tournaments around the world and you’ll spot a lot of familiar names on their leaderboards.

European Senior Tour – Known as the Staysure Tour, this is the European Senior Tour. Tournaments are held throughout Europe and the Middle East. – The stop before the PGA tour for many professional golfers. Win enough here and you’ll get a shot at the PGA Tour.

Symetra Tour – The developmental tour for the LPGA. Many of the golfers you see on the LPGA tour today have spent time on the Symetra Tour.

Asian Tour – Hosts tournaments throughout Asia

PGA Tour China – Affiliated with the PGA Tour, hosts tournaments in China and Hong Kong

Japan Golf Tour – A Japanese sponsored tour with tournaments in and out of Japan. The English website is a bit bare but the Japanese site is pretty detailed.

LPGA of Japan Tour – The LPGA of Japan has been around for a long time. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be an English website.

LPGA of Korea Tour – The Korean LPGA women’s tour. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be an English website.

Ladies Asian Golf Tour – Promotes women’s golf in Asia with a focus on countries where there is not a local LPGA presence

PGA Australia – Sponsors tournaments in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific

Latino America Tour – affiliated with the PGA Tour, hosts tournaments in South America, Central America and Mexico

Sunshine Tour – Men’s professional tour based out of South Africa

Canadian Tour – Currently known as the Mackenzie Tour of Canada

Korea Professional Golfers’ Association – The Korean Professional Golf Association, associated with the PGA. There doesn’t appear to be an English website.

Professional Golf Tour of India – The men’s professional golf tour of India

I told you there were a lot! And there were others I discovered in compiling this list. The bottom line: If a country loves golf there is probably one or more active organizations in it promoting professional golf.