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Stop, Take a Breath and Look Forward to 2019

Well, it’s that time of year isn’t it? Time to look back at the past twelve months and think about the upcoming twelve months. Ask yourself those questions like:

“Why didn’t I play more golf? Why didn’t I practice more? I really should get new golf clubs, or putter, yea a putter…”

How much golf did you get to play this year? Like everyone, I look back at the rounds I posted and I’m a bit surprised at how few rounds I did play. Not as many as I’d have liked to. But on the positive, I had more good rounds than bad. The handicap dropped a little bit, I tied my low score and I didn’t have too many blow-up rounds. Like every year, I promise myself I’ll do better this coming year.

Laguna Bintan

We Launched This Year

I launched this year. The goal in launching the site was to bring you an online affiliate marketplace with a great selection of golf training aids, electronics like golf GPS and watches, interesting golf gadgets and other golf gear. It’s been a lot of fun getting the site put together, finding great affiliates and seeing the results. We appreciate you spending time on the site. Be sure to tell your friends about us and sign up for our newsletters.

About once a month I published a new blog. I’ll try to keep up that pace this year. If you have a topic you’d like us to post on, if you’d be interested in guest blogging, or if you’d like to have a guest blogger on your site, reach out via the About Us page. If you want to take a little virtual golf trip while you’re here, check out our golf webcams.

Goals for 2019

Looking forward to 2019, here are a few of the things on our list I hope to accomplish:

  • Work a little less, play a little more (including golf)
  • Practice occasionally
  • Travel and get in a game or two while on the road
  • Blog consistently
  • Lower the handicap a little (see bullet two!)

I hope 2019 comes in with a bang and you get out on the course often this year. Life’s about having fun, spending it with people you care about and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Happy New Year from!

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