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I Love Rock and Roll…But on the Golf Course?

I’m a music lover. My tastes in music run the gamut: Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Reggae, Latin, Ambient, Alternative and more. Depending on the time of day and my mood, anything could pop up on my music list. With the quality and low cost of Bluetooth speakers, combined with various streaming services, it’s become easy to take your music with you anywhere. I listen to music around the house, in the car, at the lake or beach, working out, on a plane, get the idea? Pretty much everywhere…except on the golf course.

Why not? A lot of driving ranges now have music playing in the practice area. They’re trying to make practice less boring and more entertaining and pull people in. I don’t mind that and frankly enjoy it when I’m hitting balls. Lately though, I’ve encountered more and more golfers with music streaming out of their carts when I’m on the course. Now, we’re not talking Rodney Dangerfield – Caddyshack volumes but often it’s loud enough to hear if they’re in the group behind or ahead of you. Most golfers are respectful and turn it down when they pull up next to you but occasionally I’ve heard someones tunes blasting from another fairway or green.

I enjoy being out on the course. In my area we have some courses that wind through different canyons and you get a chance to see and hear nature in the wild. In those environments, I don’t think music adds much to the experience. Other courses I play wind through housing tracts and you get to hear leaf blowers, power tools, cars and trains going by, you get the idea. And there are the ever present cell phones. There, I’m not sure you’d even notice the music.

So whats my point? While I’m not a fan of music on the course in my group I’m not saying that should apply to everyone. I read an article the other day commenting on how courses need to pull in younger golf crowds as today’s golf population ages to maintain a healthy business and grow the game. One obvious way to do that is make golf more fun and that includes music on the course, night golf and glow balls and other new draws. If you listen to your tunes on the course, just be aware of the surroundings. During the week when it’s open and no one’s around, have fun, crank it up and enjoy. On busier times when its crowded, be respectful of your fellow golfers. If you wouldn’t be talking while someone’s teeing off, don’t blare your music either.

What are your thoughts? Do you listen to music on the course? Ever had anyone complain or object? Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts. I’m really interested in other golfers perspectives.